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A big improvement over 0.1.2. Most work went into the kernel ELF .o module loader (it worked the first time, BTW), but there were a few small fixes and improvements too. (yes, the source tarball is 162k smaller... I removed some old GNU toolchain patches for i386-pc-speck that weren't used.)

Source, tar.gz, 105k
BInaries - floppy, as well as kernel and modules, tar.gz, 85k


This is the first release to be packaged as source and binaries. Up to this point, basic kernel memory management, multitasking, mutexes, spinlocks, CPU levels, messages and IRQ messages have been implemented.

Source, tar.gz, 267k
Binaries - floppy image as well as ELF kernel, tar.gz, 79k

GRUB binaries

This sprang out of a discussion on news:alt.os.development. GRUB is an x86 bootloader.

Download here.

Mtools for Cygwin

Mtools (FAT12/16/32 image manipulation tools) for Cygwin.

Binaries, tar.gz, 146k

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