• A New Backend for Cranelift, Part 1: Instruction Selection

    This post is the first in a three-part series about my recent work on Cranelift as part of my day job at Mozilla. In this first post, I will set some context and describe the instruction selection problem. In particular, I’ll talk about a revamp to the instruction selector and backend framework in general that we’ve been working on for the last nine months or so. This work has been co-developed with my brilliant colleagues Julian Seward and Benjamin Bouvier, with significant early input from Dan Gohman as well, and help from all of the wonderful Cranelift hackers.

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  • blog.cfallin is live!

    Hello, and welcome to blog.cfallin! I’ve thought for a while that it might be nice to share, occasionally, some thoughts on whatever technical tidbits interest me. This blog will likely be home to assorted ramblings on compilers, runtimes, and the like; you can find a bit more about my background at ‘About’.

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